Open Works Here

Open Works Here


As service providers pursue delivering increased value and innovation to customers in all categories of their businesses they are also focused on using infrastructures that excel at enabling it. In recent years they have begun to use more heavily virtualized, software-driven designs that cloud providers have proven to be so valuable.


In this report, ACG Research compared the total cost of ownership (TCO) of using the VMware vCloud NFV OpenStack in the virtual evolved packet core of a Tier 1 service provider network compared with the TCO of using an alternative OpenStack solution for the same use case and found:


  • Five -year TCO of deployments based on VMware vCloud NFV Openstack was 47% less
  • Total OpEx savings for the VMware vCloud NFV Openstack solution were is 54.3% less
  • Total hardware and software CapEx over five years were 16.4% less

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