VMware Technical Assessments

In 2019, it is clear that all organizations, whether big or small, are on cloud journey. Within this overarching journey, customers are pursuing two distinct strategies for adopting the cloud: a Hybrid Cloud strategy and a native Public Cloud strategy. Customers public cloud strategies overwhelmingly involve the use of multiple public clouds so public cloud strategies are evolving into Multi-Cloud Operations strategies that may also include the hybrid cloud as a subset of all the clouds in use within an organization.

Hybrid cloud adoption is primarily driven by IT-Operations teams who have established a proven model for infrastructure within the data center and are looking to extend that model to the public cloud. Multi cloud / public cloud is driven by a range of consumers of cloud services - from developers and LOB owners to dedicated cloud operations teams aligned to the CIO. These groups are looking to take advantage of the agility and innovation that public clouds support.

VMware Cloud solutions are focused on meeting the needs of these three distinct audiences.

VMware addresses the specific needs of teams in each of these three areas by focusing on five core use cases:

1. Cloud Migration

2. Scale on Demand

3. Multi-Cloud Operations

4. Modern Applications

5. Modernize Data Centers


Technical Assessment Benefits:

VMware Technical Assessment is our most comprehensive technical and financial assessment tool. VMware Technical Assessment allows you to collect real and relevant environmental data to discuss your business need on your Transformational Journey to the Hybrid Cloud.
1. Accurately measures current state infrastructure and utilization data.

2. Customers can now leverage x86 to deliver datacenter services in Software at much lower price point.

3. Use network abstraction to enable vm mobility and treat capacity holistically.

4. Use abstraction at every layer to drive higher vm density ratios on x86 hosts.

5. Track the optimization/ transformation effort and measure progress over time. The goal is value realization.

6. Enables our customers to achieve significant business value and fund an optimization effort.


VMware Assessments


HCI Assessment:

HCI Assessment (Live Optics) is free, lightweight, remote and agentless software for collecting data about your IT environment. It streams workload data from your system to an online analytics engine, then measures, analyzes and blends workload characteristics. The Live Optics dashboard shows your results as a summary of individual and group server performance across all workloads. So you can identify areas where the entire system can operate more efficiently as a whole — at potentially lower cost.

SysTrack Desktop Assessment:

SysTrack Desktop Assessment takes the guesswork out of Your Windows 10 Migrations. Windows 10 is poised to have a significant impact on organizations' End User Computing strategy. Through the use of VMware desktop assessment service leveraging SysTrack technology, your IT administrators gain a comprehensive understanding of the current end-user environment as you evaluate Windows 10 migrations. Details on how each VMware solution would be beneficial are identified and quantitatively analyzed, resulting in the insights necessary to feel confident in moving forward with Windows 10.

vSphere Optimization Assessment (VOA):

VOA, powered by vRealize Operations, provides 360-degree visibility into capacity, performance and configuration across multi-cloud environments through predictive analytics and unified single console. For customers looking to manage everything from their infrastructure stack to applications and save on their cloud resources, VOA provides four powerful reports covering configuration, performance, capacity, and costs and events.

Virtual Network Assessment:

VMware Virtual Network Assessment (part of vRealize Network Insight) analyzes network traffic patterns within your data center. In 24 to 72 hours the assessment delivers: Insights into the amount of East-West traffic in your network, which represents security risk.

A preview of actionable NSX micro-segmentation recommendations for your network and opportunities to optimize network performance with NSX.As part of the 60-day free trial, once you've completed the assessment, you can toggle over to see the full dashboard and capabilities of vRealize Network Insight.

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