Want to Cut Risks to Your Business?

Want to Cut Risks to Your Business? Go Zombie Hunting!


Studies over the past decade show zombies exist in enterprises at levels from 15% - 45%*.


What is your organization doing to find and remove hidden zombies?


In aggregate, organizations are incurring high financial costs to maintain hidden zombies. Because zombies are unmonitored and unmanaged, they also likely have significant security vulnerabilities. And the wasted energy and associated carbon emissions create substantial sustainability impacts.


This eBook reveals how to reclaim unused IT resources, including: 


  • Industry research answering the question, “Are zombies really a problem?”
  • Three ways to reduce business risk and prevent zombies
  • How to trust proven technology to find zombies


Learn more in this eBook about how you can find unused IT resources and cut costs while strengthening security.


*Koomey, Jonathan, Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, Stanford University and Taylor, Jon, Anthesis Group; Zombie/Comatose Servers Redux (April 2017). 
Kaplan, James M., William Forrest, and Noah Kindler; Revolutionizing Data Center Efficiency; McKinsey & Company.

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