The Cloud Exodus: Future Ready Management and Security for Windows Anywhere!

A cloud-first management and security strategy is key for Windows modernization, but do you know all of the elements of this strategy, the steps you need to take, and how to optimize costs?

10/08/20 What’s New with Storage for Containers

vSphere Cloud Native Storage offers deep insight into how container applications running on top of vSphere infrastructure are consuming underlying vSphere storage.

10/13/20 Technical Deep Dive: Storage in VMware Cloud on AWS

With VMware Cloud on AWS, you can extend any VMware vSphere environment into the AWS Cloud via a highly scalable and secure service.

10/20/20 How to Approach Zero Trust for your Network

With a Zero Trust model that shrinks the attack surface, you can build a secure environment on a much broader and deeper basis than with traditional security measures.

10/27/20 Simplifying the Multi-DC with VMware NSX Federation

Learn how to create a networking and security architecture for scale, performance, and automation with NSX Federation.

10/27/20 Achieving the New Network Normal for the Distributed Workforce

Optimizing and securing the network edge is critical for remote work, and the key is a modern, flexible network and access strategy that’s focused on users, identity, and consistent access.

On-Demand Rapidly deploy and manage containers on VMware Cloud on AWS with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Learn how organizations can deploy their SDDC in the cloud with all the components needed to architect and scale Kubernetes to fit their needs.

On-Demand Bridging Perspectives on the Return to Office: An Expert Panel Discussion

In the eventual return to work, technology will play a huge role in helping business innovate, adapt and stay ahead of the changing curve.

On-Demand Accelerating Modern App Development with HCI and Tanzu

As businesses accelerate application modernization, they need to make strategic decisions on the infrastructure platforms that will enable rapid change while protecting existing investments.

On-Demand 5 Ways Hybrid VDI and DaaS, powered by VMware Horizon, Help Scale Your Future Ready Workforce

As organizations pivot to a remote workforce, delivering secure remote access to mission critical apps and data has never been more challenging.

On-Demand Leveraging the Service-defined Firewall to Eliminate Blind Spots

Learn how the VMware Service-defined Firewall secures internal traffic with its distributed architecture, service-aware controls, and policy automation – all delivered in software.

On-Demand How to Future Ready Your IT Operations with VMware Hybrid Cloud Management

Hybrid cloud management solutions give you full control of your sensitive data and deliver the benefit of greater performance, security, and efficiency for today and in the future.

On-Demand VMware Cloud on AWS: Helping businesses become future ready

Help your business become future ready by migrating, extending and protecting your on-premises VMware environments in the AWS Cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS Automation: Ramping Up with PowerCLI, REST, and More

VMware Cloud on AWS offers a wide range of automation interfaces that deliver powerful capabilities for infrastructure administrators. With these tools, you can deploy a complete software-defined data center with just a few commands, and then easily configure it to meet your operational requirements – programmatically.