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ACG Research:
Save on Total Cost of Ownership, Carbon Emissions and Realize Revenue Improvements with VMware Telco Cloud Automation

ACG Research, a leading technology consultancy, conducted a detailed study on the economics of three greenfield network deployments: 1. a vertical, siloed architecture, 2. a horizontal, virtualized architecture without an automation and orchestration platform, and 3. a horizontal, virtualized architecture with the added benefits of VMware Telco Cloud Automation—a network automation platform that streamlines operations and seamlessly deploys network services.

ACG found that, when deploying a greenfield 5G network relative to the first two architectural deployments, VMware Telco Cloud Automation provides essential benefits to the communication service provider, including:

  • 40% total cost of ownership savings over five years
  • 373% return on investment, with a 5% incremental revenue improvement over five years
  • 36% reduction in servers required for your network, which lower capital costs and drive down carbon emissions at data centers by nearly 30,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide over five years
  • 62% savings in operating expenses and 18% savings in capital costs over five years

Download the white paper to learn more about ACG’s study, its methodology and results.