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Forrester on-demand webinar: From Zero Visibility to Zero Trust in the Data Center

3 Steps to Advanced East-West Protection While the fallout of the SolarWinds breach is still unfolding, we know that malicious attackers spent nine months making lateral movements once inside the perimeter defenses. The simple truth is you can’t detect and prevent what you can’t see. And with internal, east-west traffic accounting for some 70 percent of all network traffic in the data center, you’re missing a lot. Yet security professionals remain paralyzed with the complexities of securing east-west traffic in today’s modern app architecture and software-defined data centers and instead continue to rely on traditional firewalls leading to choke points, hair-pinning, static policies and increasing costs. There’s an easier way. Join Forrester Security Analyst, David Holmes, alongside VMware Director of Solutions Engineering and Design (Core IT Infrastructure), Swapnil Hendre and Tom Gillis, SVP/GM Network Security Business Unit, for a discussion on the state of data center firewalls today and a real-life customer viewpoint on a phased approach to Zero Trust in the data center. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to: • Progress beyond traditional firewalls to distributed Zero Trust security models, delivering adaptive visibility and control to wherever applications and workloads live. • Achieve compliance, solve for complexities and improve operational agility in three steps—leading to a more advanced east-west security strategy. • Save capex and opex—and perhaps your sanity. • Understand the game-changing capability to secure east-west traffic at scale • Simplify security operations through automation Zero Trust and Data Center Security Experts: • David Holmes, Senior Security and Risk Analyst, Forrester. • Tom Gillis, Senior Vice President/General Manager, NSBU, VMware • Swapnil Hendre, Director of Solutions Engineering and Design, Core IT Infrastructure, VMware