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Australia Security Insights Report: Intelligence from the Australian Cybersecurity Landscape

The disruption of the pandemic along with the anywhere workforce resulted in a surge of sophisticated cyberattacks and material breaches.



89% of Australian cybersecurity professionals said attacks increased due to employees working remotely


Security teams now face the challenge of securing the anywhere workforce. The new workforce has created blind spots and a lack of visibility, highlighting the vulnerabilities in legacy security solutions and security strategies.


Our fourth Australia Security Insights Report surveyed 251 CIOs, CTOs and CISOs to provide a clear picture of the Australian cyberthreat landscape. The report identifies trends in hacking and malicious attacks, as well as the financial and reputational impact breaches have had in what has been an un-precedented year. It examines Australian organisations’ plans for securing new technology and adopting a cloud-first security strategy. Most importantly, the report highlights the opportunity for business leaders to rethink and rebuild their approach to cybersecurity.


The 2021 Australia Security Insights Report offers intelligence on the cybersecurity landscape, attack and defense trends, along with the top security priorities for organisations this year as they look to maintain resilience and continuity.


Read this report for a clearer picture of the evolving threat landscape as well as actionable guidance and recommendations for this year and beyond.




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