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AMA: Tips for Securing Your Remote Workforce Now (and Forever)

According to a recent report by Osterman research, “Only 18% of employees in the organizations surveyed were working from home before the COVID-19 crisis. Today that figure is 80%.”

Thus, many (if not most) IT organizations around the world are suddenly dealing with a massive increase in the number of home/remote workers they need to support. What makes this more critical is that “only 19% of IT decision makers and influencers believe their organizations were ‘very well prepared’ to deal with a crisis like this before it began.” So how do you ensure your organization’s security and prepare for unprecedented times?

Questions to consider:

  • How can you keep your distributed workforce secure?
  • What are some tools to keep endpoint protection up to date, when devices are not connected to the corporate network?
  • How do we mitigate risks from less secure personal devices accessing corporate assets while also promoting business continuity and productivity?
  • What happens when SOC teams work remotely? How can they remediate vulnerabilities away from the SOC?


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