Best Practices for Securing Horizon VDI with VMware Carbon Black Cloud

With a continual increase in your distributed workforce, there is a larger demand for your organization’s employees to access applications in remote locations.

As a result, the attack surface increases exponentially as you are faced with opening your firewalls through additional VPNs and loosening policies for unmanaged devices as a tradeoff to employee productivity.

How do you extend security profiles to endpoints which are now in new locations and on the corporate network?

Using VDI is a fast and cost-effective way to increase your security posture, decrease dwell time, limit lateral movement by isolating access to sensitive resources, and ensure remote workforce can access the applications they need from anywhere.

VMware delivers a highly secure virtual desktop and application solution for your distributed workforce by combining VMware Horizon® and VMware Carbon Black Cloud into a single, unified solution. It includes Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) from Carbon Black, which employs behavioral endpoint detection and response via VMware Carbon Black® EDR™ to provide multilayer protection for your Horizon virtual desktops and applications.

Download the whitepaper today and gain insight into:

  • How VMware Carbon Black Cloud and VMware Horizon VDI work better together
  • A detailed Horizon VDI reference architecture that shows integration with Carbon Black Cloud
  • Best practices that apply to securing your VDI environments


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