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BlueKeep: Are You Ready for the Newest Level of Threats?

With the always evolving Threat Landscape, it’s important that your security team understands how to detect new and emerging malicious behaviors. VMware Carbon Black’s Managed Detection team, which is responsible for monitoring and finding new threats, helps customers stay informed about the latest exploits. They recently discovered one of the first known uses of the newly released BlueKeep Windows exploit. In tandem with our Threat Analysis Unit, they were able to provide insight into the behavior and recommendations for remediation.

Our speakers take a deeper dive into these attacks, both helping you stay informed and ahead of these threats, keeping you and your company safe.

Join our Security experts as they discuss:

  • How the BlueKeep exploit can impact your environment
  • Hackers use of privilege escalation, network reconnaissance and credential dumping to gain access to data
  • How to notice malicious trends from BlueKeep and other exploits, and how to defend against them



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