Independent Study

Start Bridging the Dev-Sec-Ops Divide

The study unpacks what’s lacking and the key components needed to create a cohesive environment and common language between these siloed teams. As security professionals work to secure their organizations, developers are often left out of the security planning processes but are then tasked with carrying out those procedures—further complicating an already strained interaction. It’s no secret that developers are major drivers of business revenue particularly with the increased adoption of cloud and modern apps. Yet, developers see security as stifling their innovations. Security sees it differently.

As a continuation of our security as a team sport story, VMware commissioned Forrester Consulting to introduce the Development professional and explore the current state of the IT, Security, and Development relationship dynamics. 


In this study, you will:

  • Learn how successful collaborative relationships lead to tangible business outcomes
  • Gain understanding of what the groups see as the building blocks of collaborative relationships and how this impacts their work
  • Gain actionable steps to strengthen the Security, IT and Development relationships for optimal DevSecOps results


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