Detecting and Responding to Zero-Day Attacks.

Zero-day exploits are on the rise. Google’s Project Zero listed 18 in-the-wild exploits in the first four months of 2021 – this significantly surpassed the totals of previous years.

Because zero-day attacks are exceptionally successful at bypassing antivirus software, routers and personal firewalls, prevention becomes challenging. That’s why preparation, detection and response to these attacks is critical.

How is your organization battling against zero-day attacks?

“Detecting and Responding to Zero-Day Attacks,” a joint research report by VMware Carbon Black Cloud security experts and eSentire’s Threat Intelligence Research Group, provides strategic and tactical insights to better detect and respond to zero-day attacks.

Insights include:

  • Analysis on the most significant vulnerabilities impacting the industry right now
  • Key trends from vulnerability, to exploitation, to impact
  • Detecting malicious behaviorsIndicators of compromise
  • Key steps for taking the right protective measure
  • And more best practices

Zero-day attacks will continue to be a threat. It’s critical to defend against all stages of the exploit in the ongoing cybersecurity battle.


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