Global Incident Response Threat Report: Manipulating Reality

A broadened attack surface, weaponization of new technologies, and the industrialization of e-crime continue to shape the modern threat landscape – and the ways defenders must fight back. 

The goal of modern attackers is to execute integrity and destructive attacks that distort digital reality, be it via business communication compromise, the manipulation of time and/or data, or deepfakes. Worse, doing so to colonize one victim’s infrastructure is now often just the beginning. The next step is to use that infrastructure, such as a cloud network, to launch attacks on others. 

It should come as no surprise that defenders, despite their best efforts, are struggling to counter these complex attacks and gain visibility into new environments, such as the cloud, containers, and business communication applications – technologies quickly ushered in by the pandemic.

Download the 2021 Global Incident Response Threat Report today and learn how to build resilient, cyber-vigilant incident response teams, while also taking a deeper look at the increasingly sophisticated threats facing organizations today. 


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