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Hiding in the Noise: How Attackers Take Advantage of Your Alert Fatigue

Adding new security tools to your SOC toolset may help alert you to your business’s latest cyber threats. However, when a million unprioritized alerts hit you in a day, it’s easy to quickly reach for the snooze button without understanding what is truly going on. Drowning in alerts, the best enterprises are discovering that to cut through the chaos and triage alerts accurately, operators need to understand the attack from the adversary’s perspective.

In this session, Randori Director of Offense, Evan Anderson, and VMware Carbon Black Senior Threat Researcher, Greg Foss will break down what’s going inside the mind of an adversary once they land inside the network, how they take advantage of your alert fatigue to hide in the noise.

Attendees will gain:

  • A better understanding of the challenges and trade-offs adversaries have to consider when conducting an attack.
  • Examples of real alerts overlooked by security teams and how you can tell the difference.
  • Actionable tips on how you can leverage an adversary perspective to reduce alert fatigue and improve your visibility, detection, and response capabilities.


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