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Improving Collaboration between IT & Security Teams with Next Generation Antivirus

Security and IT teams rank improved collaboration as a top priority for the coming year. However, it’s not always an easy path to create true collaboration between teams. 83 percent of respondents state that IT and Security Teams have a negative relationship, according to a recent Forrester study.

Security and IT teams moving to a more consolidated approach can tap into benefits including fewer security breaches, improved IT hygiene, and the ability to quickly identify, contain, and remediate threats.

How does this collaboration take place? What are the technologies that need to be in place for these teams to work together toward a common goal? What are the challenges faced?

Join experts Elizabeth Schultheisz, Bob Plankers, and Katherine Chipdey as they discuss how security and IT teams can collaborate. Gain insights including:

  • How the roles of individuals on the team are shifting
  • The result of that shift and the new lines of communication required
  • How VMware technologies interact with each other in order to enable efficiency and collaboration for your teams



Katherine Chipdey | Solutions Engineer

Bob Plankers | Sr. Technical Marketing Architect

Elizabeth Schultheisz | Product Line Marketing Manager


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