Is a Remote Workforce Right for Us?

Working remotely is on the rise now more than ever, and many employees are embracing this new and sudden change. But committing to a remote workforce over the long term comes with both potential risks and benefits for your organization.

In order to keep employees productive and the business running, you must consider both sides of the coin by asking specific questions before deciding.

According to Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics, remote workforce programs could save U.S. employers over $30B a day, which represents an opportunity to gain back losses during office closures due to COVID-19.

This checklist will help you start brainstorming with your team to decide if a long-term remote workforce strategy is right for your organization. In this checklist you will find:

  • Questions to ask endpoint security vendors and Managed Security Service Providers
  • Operational risks questions along with mitigating recommendations
  • Cultural risks questions along with mitigating recommendations
  • Remote workforce benefits ranking


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