Modern Bank Heists 4.0

126 CISOs and security leaders reveal their thoughts on the evolving cybersecurity threats facing financial institutions in 2021.

This marks the fourth edition of the Modern Bank Heists report, which annually takes the pulse of some of the industry’s top security leaders. The findings serve to provide a ground truth on the evolution of cybercrime cartels and the defensive shift of the financial sector.

In this year’s survey, CISOs revealed attack trends including island hopping, brokerage account takeover, manipulation of time stamps, and attacks targeting market strategies. Our questions also addressed the state of threat hunting and the most prevalent threats to the financial sector.

TAs evidenced by the findings, the bank heist has evolved significantly – from a heist to a hostage situation for financial institutions. This report should serve as a starting point for a discussion between the cybersecurity community and the defenders of the financial sector on how we might best collaborate and wage a counterinsurgency in cyberspace.


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