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Post Pandemic Preparedness: A Security & IT Perspective 

How Cloud Native Endpoint and Workload Protection Will Prepare You for the Future

Thanks to COVID-19, security and IT teams like yours responded— almost overnight— to a new reality. Organizations rushed to scale up distributed work, sometimes without considering the longer-term cybersecurity implications.

What’s next? Eventually, we will start to get back to normal—or realize the new normal. Enterprises will reflect on their pandemic responses from a cybersecurity perspective. For many firms, COVID-19 helped identify major gaps in securing employees outside of the office.

Distributed work is here to stay. It’s time to think about building a resilient and future ready security stack.

So what tools does your organization need to succeed in a post pandemic era? In this presentation, cybersecurity strategist James Alliband will discuss:

  • The three most pressing obstacles facing security today – siloed organizations, lack of contextual awareness, and bolted-on point products
  • Tools security & IT managers can implement now to support longer-term remote and distributed work
  • Why cloud native endpoint security should be top of your priorities when considering your digital transformation plan
  • Longer-term benefits of investing in cloud native solutions



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