On-Demand Webinar

Purple Teaming with ATT&CK: Uniting Offense and Defense Against High-Priority Threats

Security programs are struggling with noise. What is legitimate, and what is suspicious? Attackers use that to their advantage to hide and move around inside your environment. Offense should inform defense – but is that truly happening? The attack paths are less focused on exploitation and more successful with tactics and techniques. Visibility and monitoring are the most effective ways to defend against these breaches.

This webinar will discuss the top threats seen in the wild, as well as the top ways Red Teams are actually breaking in. Cybersecurity experts will explore what defensive programs are missing – and how you can deploy defensive strategies to make attacker’s job extremely difficult.

Learn how can teams come together on both offense and defense to outmatch the highest priority threats. This open and frank discussion featuring experts at VMware Carbon Black and Lares Consulting will cover how to cut through the noise so you can direct your prevention, detection, and response toward the attacks that matter most.


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