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Security Skill Wars: Know When Your Team Needs Help

How effective is your security program? What metrics are you tracking to identify opportunities for improvement? Are you prioritizing your resources and processes appropriately?

To win any fight, you need a combination of a team, visibility and continuous measurement. These components can be challenging to create and update when time is already limited in a fast-paced security environment. Combining a powerful ecosystem of existing technology and proven process, within a unified view is a winning formula when facing cyber threats.

Let’s have a conversation about recognizing your team’s roadblocks – and knowing when to ask for help.

In this webinar, Rick McElroy (Cybersecurity Strategist, VMware Carbon Black) and Joe Partlow (Chief Technology Officer, ReliaQuest) will discuss:

  • The role of Security Partners and how they can help elevate your team
  • Application of technology and automation to augment talent and processes
  • Identifying the signs that something isn’t working and you need additional help


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