‘Shift left’ for better security

Today’s manual security practices often interfere with DevOps, slowing down software development by several business days. And DevOps is so focused on deploying new apps to market–without going through the proper security channels–that it opens the door to damaging security mistakes. So how do you modernize your security practice while letting each team do what it does best? You ‘shift left’ baking security into the DevOps process early on.

When a team adopts DevSecOps practices, security is baked into every aspect of the software development, bringing together development, operations, and security professionals. By involving teams from different parts of the SDLC, DevSecOps enhances your security posture, while streamlining the path to production and accelerating the delivery of modern applications.

DevSecOps Dummies Guide breaks down how to ‘bake’ security into DevOps by showing you an integrated approach to deliver full-stack, full lifecycle security without compromise.


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