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The Future Ready Security Operations Center

The role of the InfoSec team has never been more important and has never been a greater challenge. Legacy security solutions are no longer capable of solving the challenges facing a SOC. They are largely ineffective against new forms of threats such as ransomware and non-malware attacks. They involve far too many point tools resulting in too many agents collecting the same data, and too many consoles – leading to misconfiguration and misalignment of controls.

The lack of visibility and context is making it difficult to investigate and respond to attacks. Silos between IT and InfoSec make it difficult to operationalize more of security through IT. And to top it all off, the current pandemic is forcing us all to work remote – including many security teams.

In this session, Tom Corn, Senior Vice President of Security Products at VMware, will be unveiling major advancements in our Carbon Black Cloud platform – advancements that will have an enormous impact on addressing these challenges. You will see how we are delivering on the promise of intrinsic security; with deep integrations into the infrastructure – making security built-in versus bolted-on; expanding our sources of context and control – broadening into XDR. And integrating with IT consoles – to break down the silos between IT and InfoSec. And delivering these capabilities as SaaS to truly enable the “virtual SOC” – one that embraces a distributed workforce. Come hear the latest about the Carbon Black Cloud platform.

Come see what a future ready SOC looks like.



Tom Corn | Senior Vice President, Security Business Unit @ VMware Carbon Black


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