The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC by ESG

Extended detection and response (XDR) is the evolution of security incident detection, investigation, and response. But how is XDR impacting the future of the modern SOC? What is the current perception of XDR among industry professionals?

VMware recently commissioned the Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) to examine IT security professionals’ perception of XDR concepts, marketplace solutions, and potential businesses outcomes.

Gain strategic and tactical insights on:

  • Opportunities to land XDR
  • Determining gaps in the current marketplace
  • What organizations want to increase through XDR
  • Role of ingesting and analyzing security data
  • And more
  • XDR is moving fast. Many organizations realize the time for XDR adoption is now; in fact, the report found that 80 percent of organizations plan to increase investment in threat detection and response technologies. How are industry analysts defining XDR? What are the top use cases security experts are hoping XDR will solve?

    Learn how businesses feel about creating a formal budget to invest in XDR and what the future may hold for the modern SOC.

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