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The Rise of Island Hopping and Counter Incident Response

The pandemic, a distributed workforce and the U.S. Presidential Elections have created a “perfect storm” for cybercriminals, according the Global Incident Response Threat Report.

Our recent threat intelligence report found that cybercriminals are honing their ability to remain undetected inside organizations they’ve breached. Even more troubling is that they have evolved their attacks to counter defenders’ response efforts.

The latest report also uncovered insights from respondents reported that 82 percent of attacks now involve instances of counter incident, while 55 percent involve island hopping—where an attacker infiltrates an organization’s network to launch attacks on others along its supply chain.

Cyber burglaries have now become home invasions.

These evolving challenges now pose new security challenges for IR and cybersecurity professionals responsible for detecting and stopping emerging attacks.

Join Tom Kellermann, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at VMware Carbon Black, Rick McElroy, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist at VMware Carbon Black, Taree Reardon, Senior Threat Analyst, and Eric Groce, Incident Handler at Red Canary, as they discuss the rising threat of counter IR via lateral movement, effective incident response in a remote world, and how to address these challenges with VMware Carbon Black Cloud.


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