The State of Incident Response 2021 

To better understand the state of incident response today and identify areas for improvement, VMware Carbon Black, Kroll, and Red Canary partnered with Wakefield Research to survey 500 security and risk leaders at large organizations.

The findings are compelling:

  • 49% of organizations lack adequate tools (including staff and expertise) to detect or respond to cyber threats,
  • 93% of security and risk leaders surveyed said their organization suffered a compromise of data in the past year, and
  • 82% believe their organization remains vulnerable to a cyber-attack.

Without a doubt, the 2020 global health crisis brought chaos and unpreparedness within security teams. They found themselves dealing with a stream of personal devices on the corporate network in a distributed work environment, reducing endpoint visibility and increasing the attack surface; all while attack vectors continue to be on the rise.

But it also provided security teams with an opportunity to re-evaluate their current state of preparedness and effectiveness of incident response policies and make refinements moving forward.

Download the report to gain insights into:

  • A deep dive into survey results and analysis from cybersecurity experts.
  • Real-world concerns from organizations
  • Actionable recommendations for organizations to shore up their incident response plans


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