Top 5 Threat Hunting Myths

The cybersecurity landscape is in a constant state of change and, as many organizations have learned, it’s no longer a matter of if you’ll face a cyberattack, but when. In today’s world, attackers intentionally appear normal to evade automated defenses. With the rise of ransomware and fileless attacks, it’s harder than ever to protect your endpoints with confidence.

To prevent this, threat hunting has emerged as an essential, proactive approach to cybersecurity that identifies gaps in defenses and stops attacks before they go too deep. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion around threat hunting that is preventing professionals from being proactive and getting the most out of their investments. At VMware Carbon Black, we want to help you overcome these misconceptions in order to establish the best security for your organization.

Take a look at this ebook that dismantles the top five myths about threat hunting, how it works in practice, and the value it provides to organizations like yours.


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