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Traditional AV is Failing: What You Need to Protect Your Organization

It’s been a long-time coming…. and in our current work-from-home environment, there’s just no way for traditional AV products to keep pace with the latest advanced attacks. With ransomware and lateral attacks on the rise, and many traditional vendors de-commissioning their less effective antivirus products, there’s never been a more critical time to upgrade to a cloud-based, next-generation antivirus solution that can protect your organization from the latest attacks.

Join us as we look at the latest data from our Global Threat and Incident Response surveys and demonstrate how the current global crisis, and the huge influx of remote endpoints, has rapidly accelerated advanced attacks and counter incident responses. Learn how these threats are getting into your environment, and how VMware’s Carbon Black Cloud can detect and prevent these attacks from wreaking havoc on your internal systems.

You’ll learn:

  • Why traditional AV is failing
  • How to identify today’s top attacks
  • Tips for evaluating a new AV Solution



Kim Mahoney | Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ VMware Carbon Black

Ed. Murphy | Product Line Manager @ VMware Carbon Black


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