Transforming Security In The World of Digital Transformation

COVID-19 has changed the way we live, work, and how to secure our organizations. The global health pandemic has radically changed the pace of innovation, but that journey is not without complexity. 96% of security professionals said the volume of attacks has increased, according to VMware research. Security is a fast-moving space but with some clear trends emerging.

Meet the Boss, in partnership with VMware Carbon Black, hosted a series of virtual roundtable sessions with security executives to explore how they are approaching these challenges at their respective organizations.

Gain insights on topics including:

  • Challenges faced—What’s holding organizations back?
  • How security leaders approach the demand to secure access to applications and data in today’s digitally distributed way of working
  • Strategies to help accelerate how your teams identify, prevent and respond to threats with the right context and insights
  • Current security landscape statistics, best practices and more

Simplifying and strengthening your security strategy

Integral to the ebook are strategies for an intrinsic security approach to your business. Scott Lundgren, CTO, VMware Carbon Black, shares his key strategic and tactical takeaways as well as three trends that are shaping the cybersecurity outlook for 2021.

Download the eBook to gain insights on security industry thought leaders sharing their real-world experiences, concerns and recommendations.


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