Unifying Cybersecurity in State and Local Government

Today’s cybercriminals don’t have to look very hard for new places to attack. Government agencies, in particular, keep adding new internet-connected services and technology—often without closing the security gaps. The result is that security threats are increasingly common, with breaches growing in terms of quantity and damage.

The bad news is that the public sector is highly vulnerable, and the bad actors are taking note. In fact, cyberattacks against state and local government agencies are on the rise.2 Smaller agencies may be even more at risk due to a lack of security staff and limited funding.

Meanwhile, when it comes to security solutions, the complexity is higher than ever. Thousands of security vendors promise to have the silver bullet for security, and the landscape is awash with a multitude of products and agents to address different threat vectors. Security and IT teams make their decisions in silos—and with no big-picture view of the environment they’re trying to protect. It’s beyond time for a unified approach.

This white paper will explore why cybersecurity needs to be a team sport, aligning your people, processes, and technology to defend against the latest security threats. We’ll look at the key elements needed for a unified approach, and how the comprehensive security platform from VMware can help.


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