VMware Carbon Black Cloud on Horizon VDI Installation Guide

 As your organization shifts from simply supporting remote work to truly becoming a distributed workplace, you are starting to rethink your long-term strategy by investing in technology that will play a huge role in your business focus and resiliency.

Today’s distributed workforce need a new approach and the way forward is through an integrated workforce solution.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud delivers next-generation antivirus (NGAV), audit, and remediation, as well as behavioral (endpoint detection and response) (EDR) to the VMware Horizon® platform and virtual desktops. Carbon Black Cloud is the first security solution that tests Horizon VDI end to end. As a result, security is built into the platform, removing the need to architect a security solution to protect VDI desktops or the overall environment.

Download the guide today and learn:

  • what a successfully deployment looks like of VMware Carbon Black Cloud within your VDI environment,
  • How to set up appropriate policies, and
  • Understand the risks and how to mitigate them


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