Solution Brief

VMware Carbon Black Outperforms All Other EDR Solutions

MITRE’s public evaluation of endpoint detection and response (EDR) products demonstrated why VMware Carbon Black is a top choice of security and IT professionals and showcased how VMware Carbon Black detects sophisticated attacks quickly, so teams can respond confidently. This test was based on MITRE’s popular ATT&CK framework and represents a new approach to EDR testing: open, sophisticated, rigorous, and reflective of the real world. In the first test, which mirrored the tactics, techniques and procedures of APT3, Carbon Black demonstrated strong results that set us apart from the rest of the security products tested.

VMware Carbon Black showed:

  • Speed: Zero delayed detections, so you can respond faster before the attack gets worse
  • Confidence: Zero tainted detections, so you know that threats will be detected even as attackers change tactics
  • Predictability: Zero reliance on humans in the loop, so you know detections will not be dependent on human intervention


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