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Vulnerability Prioritization: Bridging the Gap Between Security and IT

Too many Security and IT teams know the challenge of establishing an efficient and effective remediation workflow. Mired by murky direction, unsupported priorities, and an insurmountable number of vulnerabilities to tackle, friction can develop between these teams that ultimately hinders security efficacy.

As companies transform their operations and secure their modern cloud workloads, this challenge that was previously considered “the nature of the beast” is no longer justifiable. To operationalize vulnerability management efforts, bilateral buy-in from both Security and IT teams is paramount. Aligning these groups can be simplified when both are working off the same list of data-backed, prioritized vulnerabilities.

How do you do this? Find out on January 13.

VMware Carbon Black’s Senior Vice President of Security Products Tom Corn and Kenna Security’s Chief Product Officer Jason Rolleston will unpack the key steps needed to bridge the gap between Security and IT, including:

  • Establishing a single source of truth for vulnerability prioritization between Security and IT
  • Increasing the efficiency of vulnerability remediation efforts with clear data-backed prioritization
  • Defining clear priorities and recommendations for Security and IT to execute to streamline vulnerability management tasks and improve overall security efficacy
  • Saving time, money, and cycles by focusing on the vulnerabilities that will make the most impact



Jason Rolleston | Chief Product Officer, Kenna Security

Tom Corn Senior | Vice President of Security Products, VMware Carbon Black



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