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Working Remotely, Securely: How to Protect Distributed Endpoints

In today’s changing world, working remotely is the new norm. Enabling your employees to maintain productivity starts with increasing connectivity. But how do organizations provide continuous, secure access to applications across remote endpoints?

Traditional network security solutions will only get you so far. Surges in VPN traffic and devices accessing corporate systems from unknown networks present challenges for SOC analysts. Organizations should not have to choose between access and security in a remote landscape.

Watch to learn:

  • The unique challenges of shifting to distributed endpoints
  • How to enable Security Operations teams to work remotely
  • The importance of cloud-based remediation and isolation technology
  • Why real-time device assessment and remediation are key for a remote workforce.


Tom Kellermann |  Head of Cybersecurity Strategy for VMware Inc. 

Ryan Murphy | Senior Manager of Public Relations @ VMware Carbon Black


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