Cisco Certification Verification Request

Only the below Active/Non-Expired CISCO certifications qualify as meeting a VCAP-NV Deploy or VCAP-NV Design requirement.


CCIE Data Center

CCIE Routing & Switching

CCIE Emeritus

CCIE Service Provider

CCIE Security

Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE)


Please follow below steps to submit the proof of your certification:

  1. Login your CertManager account account
  2. Navigate to ‘History tab’
  3. Click on ‘Create other requirement’
  4. Expand the ‘All items’
  5. Click on the Cisco credentials you want to submit
  6. Confirm the Cisco credential and the certification title you would like to get the credit. Click on ‘Accept selection’
  7. Select the date you are submitting from ‘Active Date’
  8. Submit the below details you are providing in the ‘Notes’ section:
    1. Cisco certification
    2. Certified Date
    3. Expiry Date
  9. Documentation language is ‘English’ always
  10. Attach your Cisco credential eCertificate by clicking on the ‘Select’ option
  11. Click on ‘Create’
  12. Your Cisco Certification requirement is submitted
  13. Please allow 48-72hrs to receive confirmation on your Cisco credential verification.

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