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Certification Paths

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NOTE: Please be aware that this is a beta exam. This means you won't get a pass or fail result until the beta phase ends, and we've analyzed the results. The length of the beta phase varies, and it depends on how many times the exam has been taken. Once it transitions to a production exam, you'll receive your score report.

VMware Cloud Infrastructure Administrator (6V1-11.23) Beta Exam

The beta exam period has ended. Beta participants are notified of their results when post-beta analysis is complete.

165 Minutes  98 Questions  $50 USD - This is a beta exam offering for a limited time.

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A beta exam is a test run of an exam. Beta exam candidates are presented with a larger pool of items around specified topics and performance data of those items is gathered. This performance data provides useful information on the quality of the items and exam. Beta exam results inform a decision on the final production build of the exam as well as recommended passing score. 

Beta exam candidates do not receive their exam score or pass/fail result right away. At the close of the beta exam period, psychometric analysis of the beta exam results is conducted which results in removal of poor performing items, a final production exam forms build and a recommended passing score. Beta exam candidates are notified of their results at the same time after analysis is completed. 

Beta exam candidates are given an appointment time for the beta exam of 165 minutes, which includes 150 minutes for the exam and 15 minutes for a mandatory qualifying survey and standard exam NDA. The beta exam is longer to account for the larger item pool. It is important to note that this is the allotted appointment time; however, some beta exam candidates will find that they will not need the entire 165-minute block of time and may in fact finish early.

The inclusion of a qualifying survey is a standard practice for beta exams. Beta exam candidates are asked to specify their experience performing listed tasks. The survey is used solely for research purposes and has no bearing on the exam content presented to you.

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