VCDX Application & Defense

The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) certification requires a successful oral defense of a VMware vSphere based virtual infrastructure design. To apply for the VCDX defense, the candidate will need to prepare and submit a VCDX Application, describing a virtual infrastructure design and provide the rationale for the design choices that were made.

Candidates are advised to select a design with sufficient complexity, one that can be used to demonstrate the depth and breadth of knowledge and skills relevant to architecting virtual infrastructures. The application form must be accompanied by a complete set of design documentation, including implementation guides. Please read both the VCDX Blueprint and the VCDX Handbook & Application carefully for requirements and instructions.

When planning for your pre-requisite exams and budgeting time to work on your VCDX Application, it is important to note that applications are due approximately three months before the actual VCDX Defense dates.

Application is open to all who qualify. There is no longer a requirement to receive an invitation to apply. A candidate can have only one application submitted at any one time.

Application Submission Process

  1. Check the VCDX Defense Dates. Plan to complete your pre-requisites accordingly.
  2. Download the VCDX Handbook and Application.
  3. Submit your completed application package at ClickUp.
  4. Application is reviewed for completeness. Incomplete applications are returned to the applicant.
  5. Receive confirmation of complete application submission and application fee payment link.
  6. Upon receipt of payment, complete applications are advanced to the Technical Review phase.
  7. Applications undergo a rigorous Technical Review by VCDX Panelists.
  8. Receive results of Technical Review:
    •   Accepted applicants receive an invitation to defend.
    •   Rejected applicants receive a customized report of application deficits.
  9. Accepted applicants must confirm date and time of defense. A defense panel fee will be due at this time. 
    •    You must cancel or defer your VCDX defense at least two weeks prior to the defense week. Cancelling or deferring the defense LESS than two weeks before the defense week will forfeit your defense fees. Defense fees are non-refundable for no-shows.

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