Inform, Identify, Individualize, Report

Identify, Collect, Interpret, Report

The Knowledge and Skills Assessment process is carefully designed to make sure that training courses are recommended based on your business or project‑specific objectives and your team’s needs both current and future.

What Can You Expect From the KSA Results?

With the VMware Learning Knowledge and Skills Assessment™ heatmap provides a detailed insight into the skills and knowledge gaps within your team and enables the development of a fully customized training plan.

Priority Focus

Set priorities for skills depending on business objectives and daily responsibilities of each IT person

Future Focus

Focus on future roles or projects of the IT team and the connected skills required 

Role Focus

Analyse skills aligned to current job roles/personas

During the results meeting, you will receive:

  • Detailed, comprehensive, and validated findings by job function and VMware solution in a useful heatmap
  • An interactive discussion with the Learning Specialist to ask questions and review short/long term IT projects and priorities
  • An in‑depth analysis of the IT team and participant skill gaps with action plans on how to remediate
  • Joint planning on a short, medium or long-term implementation plans that accommodates your timelines and budget
  • Recommendations of best practices for building your internal expertise and centres of excellence through paths to achieve VMware Certification

What’s New in the KSA?

We recently updated the Knowledge and Skills Assessment platform. That means more personalised assessments, questions based on business goals, and an extension of KSA for all VMware technologies. Coming soon you will be also able to access the KSA in other languages.

Key Questions About VMware Knowledge and Skills Assessment (KSA)

A minimum of 10 participants is recommended to provide a complete, comprehensive comparative analysis. However, we will consider every case individually. 

The KSA is perfect for teams with multiple VMware solutions as it provides an understanding of the skills landscape across most of the critical VMware technology areas. A personalised training plan can be created even for very complex needs.

It is not uncommon for an organisation to conduct multiple assessments during a 12 to 18-month period. Additional or subsequent assessments are also complimentary and can measure quantifiable team skill progression.

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