The Manage Licenses page provides access to the first two of the three steps to redeem your VMware product licenses:

  1. Register your License Activation Code
  2. Activate software licenses by generating license files
  3. Install the license files to enable your products

This page includes the following sections:

  • License Registration - Provides the Register License Activation Code link to register your VMware product License Activation Code.
  • My Product Licenses - Lists information on all the standard and additive VMware products that you have purchased. Click the name of the product in the Description column to view licensing details for a specific product.

Note: Depending on whether you logged in as a registered user, license administrator, or support administrator, different sets of licenses might be visible to you.

To learn more about the products and features that VMware offers, see the VMware Product Index page.

  • My License Files - Lists information on all previously generated license files. Click the link in the Created On column to view details for or to retrieve a specific license file.

Note: If you have not created any license files, the My License Files section does not appear on the page.

Use the links and buttons that appear on this page to perform the following actions:

  • Click the Register License Activation Code link to enter the License Activation Codes and start redeeming your product licenses.
  • Click Generate New License File to activate available product licenses by generating and retrieving new license files.

After you generate a new license file, it appears in the My License Files table of the Manage Licenses page. The numbers of activated and available licenses in the My Product Licenses table change accordingly.

Note: If you have activated all of your available product licenses, Generate New License File does not appear on the Manage Licenses page.

  • Select a check box next to an existing license file you want to edit in the My License Files table, then click Edit. Use the Edit License File page to make any necessary changes to your license file.

Note: You can only edit one license file at a time.

  • Select the check boxes next to the license files you want to combine into a single license file, then click Combine. Use the Combine License Files page to review and retrieve your combined license file.

Note: You cannot combine license files that use different licensing models, or contain product licenses from different product families.

  • Select the check box(es) next to one or more license file(s) you want to delete, then click Delete. Use the Delete License Files page to review and confirm your selection for deletion.

Note: You cannot delete more than five license files at a time. After you delete the license file, the previously allocated licenses are released to the pool of available licenses and can be used again. The numbers of activated and available licenses in the My Product Licenses table adjust accordingly.

  • Click the View Evaluation Licenses link to review and retrieve your evaluation license files.

Product Licensing Demo

Need help? View the product licensing demo.