Help for Create License File – Select Licensing Model


The Create License File – Select Licensing Model page lists the available licensing models for your license file. After you select the model to use, click Next to continue.


The following two models are available:

  • Centralized License Server – A single license file holding your licenses is stored on a license server. The license server manages an entire license pool, making licenses available to one or more hosts. When a host requires a particular licensed functionality, the license key for that functionality is temporarily checked out from the license pool. Unused license keys are released to the pool, becoming available again to any hosts. This model simplifies license administration by allowing allocation and re-allocation of licenses from a single location.
  • Single Host – Created license files are stored on individual VMware ESX hosts. Unused licenses are not automatically distributed, and licensing can occur without an external connection.


  • User with a VMware vCenter Lab Manager login must use the Single Host licensing model.
  • VMware vCenter Server (formerly VMware VirtualCenter) and features that require VMware vCenter Server, such as VMotion, must use the Centralized License Server licensing model.
  • VMware ESX specific features can use either the Centralized License Server or Single Host model.
  • You can run a mixed environment employing both the Centralized License Server and Single Host licensing models.
  • If you create a license file using one licensing model and later decide that you want to switch to the other model, delete the license file you have created, then generate a new license file using the desired model.

For more information on licensing models, refer to the Installation and Upgrade Guide.

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