Help for Edit License File


The Edit License File page allows you to modify the license file information. To make changes to your license file:

  1. For each product or feature the license file includes, change the number of currently activated licenses in the # to Activate column to a new value. The new value you enter should not exceed the sum of currently activated licenses and licenses available for the product. After you change the number of licenses to activate, the number of available licenses adjusts accordingly.
  2. Enter any appropriate comments in the Comments box.

    The comments can act as an internal name system when generating multiple license files. For example, you can enter the name of the server where the file will reside or the name of the specific project for which the file is created. The comments you enter appear in the My License Files table on the Manage Licenses page.
  3. Click Save to save your changes and return to the View License File page, then retrieve your new license file. To discard your changes and return to the Manage Licenses page, click Cancel.

Important: After you save your changes, you must retrieve the new license file and install it on the appropriate server for your changes to take effect.


Note: This page does not allow you to change the licensing model for your file. If you want to switch to the other model, delete this license file you have created, then generate a new license file using the desired model.

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