Safeguard Your Brand and Your Reputation

Protecting your intellectual property and customer data starts with rethinking cybersecurity. The best data security defense consists of embedded, highly granular and policy-driven security that is native to the application, which only VMware can provide. Easily and cost-effectively deliver end-to-end “zero trust” security using VMware NSX, which makes micro-segmentation cost-effective and simple. Implement simplified access to enterprise applications using a layered security approach that spans users, endpoints, applications, data and networks using VMware AirWatch. Only VMware can deliver all this on the industry-leading vSphere and the VMware Cloud Foundation for embedded enterprise security across all data centers, branch offices and clouds.


Armor Uses NSX to Shield Customers from Cyber Threats

VMware NSX enables Armor to scale and protect its customers with the essential benefits of micro-segmentation and multitenancy.

Why VMware NSX Micro-segmentation Is Unique

VMware offers the most secure approach to micro-segmentation, the gold standard for securing the enterprise. VMware’s approach is the first network virtualization solution with a published Security Technical Implementation Guideline and certification from the U.S. Department of Defense.

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University of New Mexico Chooses VMware over Cisco

Learn why the University of New Mexico chose VMware NSX over Cisco and gained improved security, multitenancy, micro-segmentation and hardware independence.

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What NSX Enables

Shift Networking to Software

Deliver granular-level security policy control and traffic visibility.

Cut Network Provisioning Time

Deliver new capacity quickly with policy-driven security.

Move Workloads Seamlessly

Banish cloud silos and instantly move workloads between clouds.

Enable Network Micro-segmentation

Secure applications and data with micro-segmentation.

Meet Compliance Requirements and Standards

Adhere to security recommendations made by NIST; fulfill SP 800-125B and regulatory compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS.

Security You Can Trust

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Rethink digital security to better protect your brand and reputation with a software-defined approach. Fortify security from the inside out: inside the application, inside the network and at the user and content level. Whether you are safeguarding users, devices, apps, data or infrastructure, VMware’s approach delivers security from data center to cloud and out to end-user devices.

Increase Flexibility

Deliver intrinsic security to data centers and across all your clouds through policy-based automation and management that simplifies while it protects.

Protect Your Assets

Protect your assets and optimize resources by following VMware’s approach to embedded security. Gain the flexibility to reallocate resources and use your infrastructure more efficiently through micro-segmentation, which allows assets to be integrated.

“VMware's NSX has jumped to the front of the pack of SDN market leaders.”


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According to CRN, VMware is the only software company in Gartner's 2016 Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking, and we're ranked first in vision.

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VMware NSX is the first network virtualization solution with a published STIG. VMware NSX meets the security-hardening guidance required for installation on Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal agency networks.


NIST SP 800-53 requirements: 


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