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VMware Certified - Cloud Infrastructure Administrator

In today's dynamic IT landscape, the demand for professionals who can effectively manage cloud infrastructure has never been greater. The VMware Certified - Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification is your key to becoming an expert in this rapidly evolving field. Learn more about this role-based certification!


Build a Career in Cloud Computing

The VMware Certified - Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification is designed for IT professionals who want to take their careers to new heights by mastering the art of cloud infrastructure administration. It's not just a certification; it's your ticket to becoming a sought-after specialist in cloud computing, with a deep understanding of VMware technologies.


What You'll Learn:

Cloud Infrastructure Management: Gain expertise in the management and optimization of cloud infrastructure, ensuring the seamless operation of virtualized environments.

VMware Technologies: Dive deep into VMware's suite of cloud and virtualization technologies, including vSphere, vCenter, and more.

Performance Optimization: Master the techniques to optimize cloud infrastructure performance, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.


Why VMware Certified - Cloud Infrastructure Administrator Matters:

As more businesses migrate to the cloud, the demand for skilled cloud infrastructure administrators is surging. The VMware Certified - Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification not only equips you with the knowledge to excel in this role but also validates your expertise to employers and clients.


Career Opportunities:

Upon achieving the VMware Certified - Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification, you'll be prepared for a range of high-demand roles, including:

Cloud Administrator

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Cloud Ops

Systems Administrator

Cloud Engineer

Systems Engineer

Technical Account Manager


Your Path to Success:

Whether you're an experienced IT professional looking to upskill or a newcomer eager to break into the world of cloud infrastructure, The VMware Certified - Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification is your roadmap to success. With VMware's industry-leading training and certification, you'll be primed to excel in the fast-paced world of cloud computing.



The VMware Certified - Cloud Infrastructure Administrator certification is your gateway to a rewarding career in cloud infrastructure management. Join the ranks of IT professionals who are shaping the future of technology and driving innovation in the cloud era. Get certified, stand out in the job market, and seize the countless opportunities that await you in this dynamic field.


Cloud Management and Automation

VMware Cloud Management and Automation certifications are designed to gauge your level of skill installing, configuring, and optimizing VMware Aria (formerly VMware vRealize) for your cloud solution.



Specialists and Skills Certifications


Digital Badges



This certification validates a candidate's understanding of VMware's security solutions and the candidate's ability to provide entry level support for the security features of VMware products, including NSX-T Data Center, Workspace ONE and VMware Carbon Black Cloud.



Specialists and Skills Certifications


Application Modernization

VMware Application Modernization certifications are designed to gauge your level of skill validated by passing specialists exams. Whether it’s developer knowledge of specialized frameworks, or administrator knowledge of emerging technologies like Kubernetes and containers, VMware can help you build an effective team with proven skills.



Specialists and Skills Certifications

Certification Levels


VMware Certified Technical Associate

For Operators

This entry-level technical certification is for anyone new to the industry or advancing their careers who perform operational tasks typically delegated by administrators of virtualized environments.


VMware Certified Professional

For Administrators and Engineers

This level is designed for IT professionals who install, configure, manage, and optimize VMware solutions.


VMware Certified Advanced Professional

For Administrators, Architects and Engineers

The advanced level certifications are for those who design and build VMware Solutions (VCAP Design), manage and optimize (VCAP Deployment) VMware solutions.


VMware Certified Design Expert

For Architects

The highest level of VMware certification, VCDX recognizes IT professionals who design, build, and manage VMware solutions and systems.

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