Badging Path

Path if you hold

Badging path if you hold no VCP Certifications

Badging path if you hold a VCP in CMA, DCV, DTM, or NV 2020 or newer

Badging path if you hold a VMware Specialist - Cloud Provider 2019, 2020, or 2021 Badge

Badging path if you hold a VMware Specialist - Cloud Provider 2021


Having a year as its badge version allows VMware to better maintain the exam and training content, and more importantly, provides certification candidates a way to communicate how current their skills are in relation to other certifications and badges.

When you’ve earned a VMware badge, you will receive an email notification alerting you to claim your badge. When you accept your badge, you’ll be brought immediately into a sharing workflow that allows you to share to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, embed in a personal website, or share over email.

  • A single source that combines your credentials and provides a complete overview of your skills.
  • Digital badges allow for you to easily share your accomplishments in social media.
  • Provides employers with easy, valid verification of your VMware credentials.

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