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The Fujitsu and VMware partnership brings you bundled solutions for servers, storage and networks, enabling speedy implementation of proven, easy-to-use systems with fast return on investment.


ServerView Resource Orchestrator VE Cloud Edition (ROR CE)


This cloud management platform enables you to deliver IT infrastructures simply, quickly and reliably. It features a huge choice of supported servers, storage, networking and operating systems for enhanced business agility. Highly customizable software helps you implement on-premise Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, with self-service provisioning for simple and speedy IT delivery. Physical and virtual servers, storage and networks are automatically provisioned at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional provisioning.

VMware and PRIMERGY ServerView Operations Manager with built-in virtualization support


This Fujitsu software suite includes VMware management software, providing a single-console management experience. It enables monitoring and analysis of PRIMERGY servers and associated storage extension units in the network. The software automatically detects virtual machine guests (with SV-Agents) and shows the health status of hosts and guests.

EASY Virtualization with VMware


These simple, cost-effective virtualization solutions meet the needs of small and midsized businesses (SMB), enterprise branch offices, isles and test environments. “EASY Virtualization with VMware” from Fujitsu 1 combines the consolidation advantages of virtualized machines on PRIMERGY servers with centralized ETERNUS DX storage. The solution cuts costs by using resources efficiently for greater IT flexibility.

EASY Business Continuity with VMware


Business continuity solutions are essential for reducing financial and operational risks for SMBs, as well as larger enterprises. “EASY Business Continuity with VMware” from Fujitsu 2 is a cost-effective site recovery solution that protects your environment from storage disasters. It combines the consolidation advantages of virtualized machines on PRIMERGY servers with centralized ETERNUS storage on two sites. To achieve real business continuity through VMware Site Recovery Manager, failovers can be tested and automated without impacting operations.

FlexFrame for SAP with VMware


Fujitsu and VMware have teamed up to deliver cost-efficient virtualized infrastructure for SAP applications. FlexFrame for SAP 3 is an end-to-end operating concept that dynamically assigns physical and virtual servers to SAP applications on-demand. It enables the consolidation of SAP applications on industry-standard platforms with a high quality of service. The solution can grow in small steps to eliminate unnecessary investments and reduce installation and maintenance efforts.

Fujitsu Integrated System PRIMEFLEX for VMware EVO:RAIL


This hyperconverged, VMware-integrated system is an easy-to-deploy, all-in-one datacenter infrastructure. As a scale-out system designed to address the issues of ICT system bottlenecks, it offers rapid time-to-market and greater business flexibility.

Fujitsu Zero Clients based on VMware Horizon 6


Zero Clients from Fujitsu provide a complete virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in a single system, enabling SMBs to deliver a full desktop experience at a fraction of the normal cost.

Fujitsu Support Services for VMware


In close coordination with VMware, Fujitsu offers trusted support services, including the VMware software and licensed certified operating systems that are run within virtual machines and covered by respective service contracts.

Fujitsu Hosting Service for SAP

Fujitsu TDS GmbH provides a market advantage through virtualization running on VMware vSphere.

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Certified Fujitsu Products

VMware certifies Fujitsu products and offers guides showing compatibility.

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1 “EASY Virtualization with VMware” is available in specific countries.
2 “EASY Business Continuity with VMware” is available in specific countries.
3 FlexFrame for SAP is available in specific countries.