Partner Solution Areas 

Earn badges in up to five solution areas, which allow partners to develop solutions aligned with VMware's Strategic IT Priorities.

Data Center

Modernize data centers and deliver infrastructure and application services with speed and agility, and at a lower cost.

Cloud Solutions

Deliver hybrid cloud infrastructure and create joint solutions in security / compliance, DevOps, data protection / backup, storage and migration costing.

Modern Applications

Accelerate time to market of new software features, while reducing the cost and risk to operate applications.

Networking & Security

Maximize visibility, context and control to secure interactions between users, applications and data.

Digital Workspace

Work with VMware on end user computing solutions that provide customers with secure apps and data in a perimeter-free world.

Program Tiers



Get scalable resources for creating technical integrations and developing go-to-market capabilities.



Engage with VMware to increase customer adoption of joint solutions in the market.



Designed for partners who have demonstrated measurable market impact.

How To Apply 

Each partner must first join the free Enrolled-New tier within Partner Connect. The Enrolled-New tier allows you to:

  • Learn more about the different partner programs and decide which is right for your business model.
  • Apply for TAP and other programs as TAP is just one of the programs that a partner can choose to apply for after joining.
  • Begin completing training and certification courses through Partner University.

Join at the Enrolled-New tier by filling out the Partner Connect Enrollment form. Then, log in to the Partner Connect portal and click on the TAP banner to enroll in the program.

TAP Quick Start Enrollment Guide >>



Support, Validate & Certify Your Software


  • All software vendors must provide a support statement for a minimum of one of their product offerings running in a VMware environment.
  • VMware validation programs are available to provide TAP partners the ability to test their products in a VMware environment with a pre-defined process.
  • VMware certification programs are available for partners wishing to further integrate with VMware technologies through APIs/SDKs.
  • Completion of validation and certification programs gains a partner use of a specific VMware badge, denoting that their solution is supported by VMware.


Learn More

Find Technology Alliance Program Partners & Solutions 

Partner Locator

The Partner Locator is a comprehensive list of all VMware partners, allowing customers to locate VMware resellers, system integrators, service providers and technology partners filtered by partner, tier and area of expertise.

VMware Marketplace

The VMware Marketplace features thousands of third-party, open-source and first-party solutions across all VMware platforms, solution categories and format types. Customers can discover and learn about different solutions, and also deploy them directly to VMware endpoints when a deployment asset is provided.


Program Overview

What is the TAP program?

The Technology Alliance Partner program was created exclusively for VMware application, infrastructure, and hardware partners, enabling them to integrate their products and solutions with VMware offerings to create joint solutions. The program aligns partners to one of three program tiers within five VMware solution areas. Partners receive technical and go-to-market resources designed to promote mutual business success.

Partners benefit from many program advantages, including:

  • Accelerated development and support
  • Expanded market awareness
  • Not for resale (NFR) licenses

How is the updated program structured?

The previous TAP program tiers (Access, Elite, and Global) have been renamed, and the benefits have been restructured to meet the evolving needs of VMware partners. In addition, partners have the opportunity to earn badges in each solution area, which allows them to progress through the program and receive additional benefits.

What are the new tiers in the program?

The new partnership tiers are:

  • Standard tier: Provides partners with the resources to create technical integrations and develop go-to-market solutions through scalable services; main benefits include:

- NFR licenses
- Access to technical certifications and validations
- Support from TAP Alliance alias
- TAP Tech support
- Co-branded marketing collateral templates

Partners in the Standard tier who have yet to achieve a solution area badge will be considered Standard Badge- in-Process and will receive a limited set of TAP benefits

  • Advanced tier: Available to partners who are aligned with VMware on technical and go-to-market strategies, have met the criteria for at least one Advanced solution area badge, and have obtained business unit sponsorship and field verification; main benefits include:

- All Standard tier benefits.
- Additional marketing and go-to-market opportunities
- Planning meetings with a Go-to-Market Manager

  • Strategic tier: For partners who complete a higher level of go-to-market engagement that makes a measurable market impact; partners must attain executive level business unit sponsorship, field verification, and VMware Technology Partner Governance Board approval; main benefits include

- All Advanced tier benefits
- Named Alliance Management support
- My VMware license management support
- Additional NFR license support
- Executive sponsorship and engagement - Additional marketing and go-to-market opportunities

For a complete list of benefits, plus add-on services available for each tier, refer to the VMware TAP Program Guide.

How is my partnership tier determined?

Partnership tier is determined by the highest badge held by the partner. If a partner has achieved multiple solution area badges at different levels, then their partnership tier will correspond to the highest badge achieved. Also see Program Progression and Earning Badges.

Which solution areas are covered in the program?

TAP partners earn badges by completing requirements in one (or more) of five solution areas:

  • Data Center For partners looking to help customers modernize their data centers and deliver infrastructure and application services with speed, agility, and cost optimization.
  • Cloud Solutions For partners who help customers deliver a hybrid cloud infrastructure by validating their products on VMware Cloud on AWS or other VMware clouds.
  • Modern Applications For partners who want to integrate and validate their solutions which provide customers the ability to transform their current applications, manage their cloud native applications and leverage containers.
  • Networking and Security For partners who create joint solutions that maximize visibility, context, and control to secure the interactions among users, applications, and data.
  • Digital Workspace For partners who work with VMware on end user computing solutions that provide customers with secure apps and data in a perimeter-free world.

How do I decide which solution area to enroll in?

Solution areas are aligned to the VMware product or service with which a partner integrates or interoperates. Refer to the TAP Program Guide to review the product and service alignment to solution area. Products may fall into multiple solution areas. If this is the case, the partner should choose the solution area that aligns the closest with their integration/go-to-market use case.

Can I enroll in multiple solution areas?

Yes, partners may enroll in multiple solution areas. Standard tier partners can enroll in two solution areas simultaneously upon joining the program, while Advanced and Strategic partners can enroll in all five. Once a Standard partner has achieved one solution area badge, they can enroll in all remaining solution areas that align with the joint solutions they are developing with VMware.

How do I enroll in an additional solution area?

Partners can enroll in an additional solution area through the following form on the My Program page in Partner Connect. When enrolling in a new solution area, partners must start by earning the Standard solution area badge, even if they are an Advanced or Strategic tier partner.

Program Progression and Earning Badges

How do I progress through the TAP program?

Progression is determined by the level of badge earned. Once the requirements for the next highest badge have been earned, the partner has the opportunity to move to the next program tier and, once the upgrade fee is remitted, receives the benefits associated with that tier. At that time, the partner will be asked to pay the upgrade fee, which is the difference between the partners previous tier fee and new tier fee.

Progression to higher levels, such as Advanced and Strategic, are based on deeper solutions development, go-to-market engagement, and business unit and field alignment.

How do I earn badges?

Partners can earn a badge in any of the five solution areas: Data Center, Cloud Solutions, Modern Applications, Networking and Security, and Digital Workspace. Badges are earned when specific requirements for that solution area have been met. For a full list of badge requirements, please refer to the TAP Program Guide.

What happens if I fail to maintain requirements for a badge?

Partners who fail to maintain badge requirements will have their badge releveled to the next lowest tier. Partners who only have one badge and fail to maintain requirements for that badge will have their tier releveled to the tier in which they can meet the badge requirements. Partners who have one Standard badge and fail to maintain the requirements for that badge will have their TAP partnership terminated and will have to re-enroll in the TAP Program.

How do I earn a BU Sponsor?

Partners without existing VMware contacts may find a BU sponsor by engaging in the GTM collateral process. By working alongside a BU contact in the development of Solution Briefs, Webinars, and other technical collateral, sponsorship opportunities often develop naturally if the joint solution is aligned with a VMware business unit roadmap/go to market.

What is a field verification and how do I earn one?

Gaining a VMware Field Verification is the last step in progressing to a new TAP tier. Once you have completed all other TAP requirements, email to start the Field Verification process. The TAP team will get in contact with a member of our field team to check for any outstanding issues with the partnership that need to be addressed before we can move forward with the tier-upgrade. Partners are welcome to provide a name of a field director as a contact point if they wish for the TAP team to discuss potential promotion.

NFR Licenses

Which licenses are included in the different tiers of TAP membership?

NFR software and hosted service license availability and quantities vary by solution area and program tier. A complete list of NFR licenses and quantities is included in the NFR Software and Hosted Services Guide.

How can TAP NFR licenses be used?

All software and hosted service licenses provided through the TAP program are considered not for resale (NFR) licenses. TAP NFR licenses are solely for the purposes of developing, testing, training (internal only), demonstrating, and supporting interoperability and integrations between partner products and VMware software and services.

TAP NFR licenses are not available for any production use. Unacceptable uses of the licenses include:

  • Using VMware NFR software or hosted services for the partners development not focused on interoperability and integration with VMware software or hosted services.
  • The development, testing, training, demonstration, and support of partner products that have not been developed or integrated with VMware software and hosted services.
  • Demonstration, development, testing, training, or support activities that are provided to partners or customers as revenue-generating professional services.
  • Distribution of the NFR software or hosted services to third parties.

NFR licenses are not perpetual and will expire upon termination of the TAP Program Agreement. If a partner loses a solution area badge at any tier of the program, they are no longer allowed to use the NFR licenses granted to them for that solution area badge. For additional information, refer to the NFR Software and Hosted Services Guide.

When do I receive my TAP NFR licenses?

Once the TAP program application has been approved and membership payment has been received, the partners Primary Contact will be able to access the applicable NFR licenses the On-Demand NFR Partner Portal on VMware Partner Connect.

When and how do I receive additional licenses that are added to the NFR bundle?

When additional licenses are added to the NFR bundle, the partner primary contact can pull them down via the OnDemand NFR Partner Portal. Contact if you have questions.

Do additional licenses added to the On-Demand NFR Partner Portal include product support?

Additional licenses added to the portal are automatically associated with the existing 5-incident product support packs included with the original bundle.

Membership Renewals

When can I renew my TAP membership?

Your TAP renewal cycle begins on your renewal date and remains open for a period of 45 days. Note that you are no longer able to renew before your renewal date. During the 45-day renewal cycle period, you will not lose benefits and your membership tier and solution area will remain intact.  Renewal notifications will be sent to the Primary Contact 30-60-and 90-days before renewal, allowing you adequate time to prepare payment and review the new TAP agreement. On your renewal date, the renewal link will become available and you may begin the renewal process. The renewal process consists of three steps:

  1. Review the renewal form
  2. Sign the new TAP agreement
  3. Submit the program payment via the online portal.

What happens if I decide not to renew my TAP membership?

Once your TAP partnership has been terminated, all benefits will be suspended. The loss of benefits includes:

  • Termination of all TAP NFR licenses
  • Your VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) listings will be removed and your access will be revoked.
  • You will no longer have access to VMware {code} tools and any certifications that are not finalized will be terminated.
  • Your access will be restricted to Enrolled tier access, granting you access to Partner University.

Please contact if you have questions regarding membership or renewals.

Partner Connect

How do I update the Primary Contact or remove users from my account?

Partner Connect users do not have the ability to make changes or remove contacts in the partner account. Please send those requests to

How do I add non-primary users in Partner Connect?

A partners Primary Contact can open additional Partner Connect accounts for other users in their company. Each new account must use a valid company email domain.

Users may self-register for a Partner Connect profile by following these instructions:

  • Go to
  • Select the Register option to self-register for a user account.
  • Input the partner company name.

Select the appropriate partner company name associated with the Technology Alliance Partner program.

How do I access the badge dashboard?

Partners may access the badge dashboard by logging into Partner Connect. On this page, partners can view what requirements for a particular badge have been met, and what may still be required.

I have met a requirement that is not showing up on the badge dashboard, what do I do?

There are a few reasons your requirement may not be shown:

  • The requirement has expired. For example, the press release or solution brief that once filled the corresponding requirement is now over 2 years old. In this case, its time to create a new piece of collateral via Partner Connect!
  • TAP wasnt notified of the completion. In this case, please reach out to for help with getting credit for your press release, solution brief, webinar, or whitepaper. For help with other requirements not displaying on the badge dashboard, please reach out to 


What type of technical support is available to TAP program members?

Install/config and public SDK (Developer) support have been combined into one support offering and can be delivered in 5 incident packs to Standard, Advanced, and Strategic partners. Standard partners receive two 5-packs, Advanced partners receive three 5-packs, and Strategic partners receive four 5packs. Each partners support pack renews when they successfully renew their annual membership.

What happens if I use all of my per incident support requests?

If a partner uses all of the provided incident support requests in a year, additional support will need to be purchased through the sales channel. More information about purchased per incident support can be found here.

How do I earn a VCP certification?

Please see the VCP step-by-step guide. You must sign in to Partner Connect to access this document.

How do I submit an existing VCP certification?

Partners who already have staff with existing VCP certifications may reach out to to begin the process of filling this program requirement.


I have an integration/development opportunity and need access to VMware product APIs. Where can I obtain these tools, and do I need to be a TAP member to access them?

Many VMware APIs and SDKs are available to TAP partners on VMware {code}. Some of them require TAP membership, and others are open to the public. Please keep in mind that some APIs are only available to TAP partners who participate in VMware Ready or validation programs.

VMware Ready Program

Where can I learn more about the different VMware Ready programs?

To learn more about the VMware Ready program, including the current and newly added categories under which a product can be certified, or to download the VMware Ready Program Guide, please visit the VMware Ready Program page. More information about these programs can also be found in VMware {code}.

I have an existing certification with VMware from the past, is it still valid?

It depends. The easiest way to check is by visiting the VMware Compatibility Guide and look for your solution by either searching the company name or using the provided lists to narrow down your search query.

VMware Cloud on AWS

I would like to validate my solution for VMware Cloud on AWS, how do I get started?

Please email A team member will reach out with information on how to get started.


What training paths are required for TAP membership?

Each solution area has its own specific certification and training requirements. Refer to the TAP Program Guide for details.

Do partners receive any discounts on training and certification?

Partners receive a 20% discount on training courses offered directly from VMware. Partners should inquire about training discounts required prior to registration courses taught by VMware authorized training partners will not qualify for the 20% discount. To receive your discount, register for your courses through the Partner University portal in Partner Connect.

Marketing Opportunities

How do I let my customers know about my membership in the TAP program, or make other newsworthy announcements regarding our partnership?

The TAP program offers preapproved press release templates that may be used by our partners to announce:

  • TAP membership status
  • Progression from TAP Standard tier to Advanced tier
  • Products that have received VMware Ready certification or VMware Cloud on AWS validation

To request an application for a custom press release, contact Any press release that mentions VMware must receive final approval prior to release.