Leverage Hybrid Cloud Networking & Security Solutions

Deliver consistent networking and security for your applications running natively in public clouds with NSX Cloud. No more infrastructure silos to drive up complexity and operational expense — instead, enjoy intrinsic security policies globally and precise control across virtual networks, regions, and clouds. NSX Cloud currently supports Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS, including Azure Government and AWS GovCloud (US) regions.

Simplify Cloud Operations with VMware NSX Cloud

Effortlessly leverage multiple public clouds for your workloads.

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Deliver Consistent Policies Across Your Hybrid Cloud

Create a consistent framework for networking, security, and operations for workloads hosted natively in any public cloud.

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Take Control of Public Cloud Networking and Security 

Unify Your Policy Management

Enjoy centralized policy management and granular micro-segmentation across your on-premises and public clouds — including virtual desktops deployed by VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure.

See Everything from a Single Interface

Ensure the health and compliance of applications across data centers and clouds by enabling end-to-end visibility of networking and security from a single pane of glass.

Harness Deployment Flexibility

Manage both the security posture and networking of public cloud workloads using either NSX constructs or native public cloud constructs.

Make Use of Tools You Already Know

Gain advantage by leveraging familiar NSX and VMware networking and security tools. Integrate easily, be up and running faster, and drive operational efficiency.

What Are the Key Differentiators for NSX Cloud?

Simplify policy management for hybrid clouds

Leverage consistent, centralized policies

Elevate visibility across environments

Streamline operations; no new skills required

Spotlight on Hybrid Cloud Networking and Security 

Test-drive VMware Cloud Networking Solutions with a Hands-on Lab

Test-drive VMware Cloud Networking Solutions with a Hands-on Lab

Learn how the VMware cloud networking solution, powered by VMware NSX, enables you to deliver consistent networking and security.

VMware NSX Cloud and AWS

Gain the flexibility and savings of hybrid cloud with existing IT.

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Check Out the Operational Modes in NSX-T 2.5

Learn about the new operational mode in NSX Cloud and more.

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Run NSX Cloud in Azure Marketplace

Seamlessly integrate Azure workloads with NSX Cloud.

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What Are the Key Use Cases for NSX Cloud?

Secure Your Apps with L2-L7 Micro-segmentation

Easily enforce security policies up to Layer 7— application identification and distributed FQDN allowlisting — not just to VMs, but also to native services in public clouds. Micro-segmentation policies automatically follow the workload when moved within or across clouds.

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Enjoy Consistent Policies Across Clouds

Transform your application security management with globally consistent policies. Define policies once and apply them to workloads anywhere. With NSX Cloud, security policies are dynamically applied based on workload attributes and user-defined tags.

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Protect Your Horizon VDI Environment in Azure

NSX Cloud protects Horizon Cloud virtual desktops hosted in Microsoft Azure by providing micro-segmentation between VDI pools. The NSX Cloud micro-segmentation policy can control traffic between desktops within Azure VNET/s as well as traffic destined to on-premises applications in a hybrid deployment.

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Expand Your Virtual Cloud Capabilities

Build on a Foundation of NSX

Connect and protect applications across your data centers and clouds with virtualized networking and security via VMware NSX.

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Enable Consistent Application Delivery

Provide multi-cloud load balancing for consistent application delivery across on-premises data centers and any cloud.

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Deliver Cloud-Hosted Apps and Desktops

Provide unprecedented IT simplicity, flexibility, and speed with complete virtual workspaces from VMware Horizon Cloud.

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Leverage Global Visibility

Enhance your management of network traffic and security protections with 360 degree visibility across all your environments.

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