Why Migrate to VMware NSX-T?

Scale-out Networking at a Fraction of the Cost

Future-proof your network and security needs across multiple platforms and clouds by providing consistent visibility and policy enforcement with NSX-T.

Full-stack Networking and Security for Modern Distributed Applications

Deliver a complete Layer 2 through Layer 7 network and security stack for Containers, Bare-metal, and Virtual Machines with NSX-T. 

Best-in-Class Security Built into Your Infrastructure

Gain superior protection against the lateral movement of threats with stateful Layer 7 security controls that include IDS/IPS and security analytics via NSX Intelligence.

Networking and Security Automation

Simplify network automation and management with a declarative policy model and a streamlined user experience.

Ready to Migrate? Let’s Get You Going

Ready to Migrate? Let’s Get You Going

Assess Your Environment

How should we migrate? What are the options for my environment? Answer a few short questions and find out. Work with VMware and our partners to assess your environment.


Use the built-in migration coordinator or work with VMware and our partners to migrate your existing deployment.

Additional NSX-T Migration Resources

Step-by-step Guide for Migrating to NSX-T

Get the definitive guide with real world examples of migrations from NSX for vSphere to NSX-T.

Migrate to VMware Advanced Load Balancer

Get more out of your network by migrating from the NSX Load Balancer to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

Migration Coordinator for In-place Migrations

Migrate everything - config, hosts and workloads from NSX-V to NSX-T using the same hardware.

Modernize Business Continuity with NSX-T

Engineering solutions and service provider migrates to NSX-T to improve service and application availability and achieve a simplified disaster recovery architecture.

Migration Coordinator for Lift and Shift Migrations

Migrate DFW rules and groups to NSX-T, tenant by tenant.

Migrate from Cross-VC to Federation with Migration Coordinator

Migrate single and multi-site deployments using User Defined Topology mode.

Key Questions About Migrating to VMware NSX-T

The End of General Support date for the latest NSX Data Center for vSphere release is set for January 16, 2022 and the End of Technical Guidance is set for January 16, 2023. Please see the VMware Lifecycle Product Matrix for details.

Customers typically use one of the three main options based on requirements: 1) Automated in-place migration on existing hosts with the NSX Migration Coordinator; 2) Co-existing NSX-V and NSX-T environments with new workloads deployed on NSX-T; and 3) Move all existing workloads to NSX-T environment deployed on new set of hardware.

Migration tools will be provided to migrate customers who are using load balancing on either NSX for vSphere or NSX-T to VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer. Please refer to the Migrate to Advanced Load Balancing website for more information. It is recommended that customers migrate their load balancers deployed on NSX for vSphere directly to VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

To use the Migration Coordinator to migrate from NSX for vSphere to NSX-T you must run NSX-V 6.4.4 or later.

No, NSX Data Center is sold as one set of licenses that provides access to both NSX Data Center for vSphere (“NSX-V”) and NSX-T Data Center (“NSX-T”), protecting your NSX investments.

The VMware NSX-T Product Evaluation Center features technical documentation, installation demos, and classes to make your NSX-T evaluation a success. You can find additional product related information on the NSX Data Center page.

Some customers choose to introduce NSX-T alongside NSX-V. They can coexist and even connect to the same vCenter if the workloads are in different clusters. Both VMware Aria Automation and VMware Aria Operations for Networks support NSX-V and NSX-T co-existence. VMware Cloud Foundation supports co-existence in separate workload domains.

Beginning October 1, 2021, any customer that purchases a new VMware NSX-T Advanced Threat Prevention License may receive VMware Professional Services for NSX for vSphere to NSX-T Migration! To qualify you must purchase a minimum of three-year subscription and 32-47 CPU sockets or a one-year subscription and 48-512 CPU sockets. Please contact your VMware salesperson for additional information or custom scoping.

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