Virtualizing Business Critical Applications

Get More from your Software-Defined Data Center with VMware Business Critical Application Virtualization
Virtualizing critical applications on vSphere gets you maximum use of hardware resources without compromising application performance, makes your applications more mobile and easily migrated to any server in the environment, and adds an additional layer of baseline availability.

Virtualizing High Performance Computing

All applications and the servers that they run on can be considered candidates for provisioning through a self-service model.

Java Applications

Move your Enterprise Java applications to virtualized x86 platforms to better utilize resources with easier lifecycle and scalability management.

Microsoft Apps

Reduce complexity and enhance resilience when you transition your business-critical Microsoft applications and databases to a VMware Cloud hybrid or multi-cloud architecture.

Microsoft SQL Server

Consolidate SQL Server databases and cut hardware and software costs by more than 50 percent.


Increase the availability of SAP applications, speed up provisioning using virtual machine clones and dynamically rebalance applications.

Oracle Databases and Applications

Virtualize Oracle databases and scale dynamically to ensure service levels.

Big Data

VMware is the best platform for scale-out as well as traditional applications. Virtualizing Big Data as well as High Performance Computing applications simplifies the management of your infrastructure, delivers faster time to results and is highly cost effective.

Hardware Accelerators

Virtual remote attached GPUs, FPGAs and ASICs for any AI Application.

Customer Success

Virtualizing business critical applications: customer success story: Revlon

Revlon gains a competitive edge by virtualizing mission-critical applications.

Why Virtualize Your Applications

Chris Wolf, Research VP at Garner speaks advantages of virtualizing your applications.

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