Why Manufacturers Choose VMware

Speed Operations and Drive Revenue

Adopt modern apps and cloud technologies to gain speed and automation. Provision test environments quickly and use IoT devices to monitor and control manufacturing processes. Speed the delivery of innovative new services that harness the power of artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics and industrial IoT.

Lower IT Costs and Improve Agility

Take advantage of a common cloud infrastructure and application modernization platform that streamlines IT operations across on-premises, cloud and edge environments. Unify previously disparate systems with consistent operations and usable insights that improve throughput and quality. 

Increase Productivity

Rethink how systems and people work together—implement advanced co-robotics and analytics to accomplish work across the value chain.

Improve Data Security

Enable IT to proactively protect IP, data and applications across infrastructure and any endpoint, wherever data travels and rests.  

Use Cases

Future-Proof with a Cloud-Ready Data Center that Cuts Cost and Complexity

Embrace smart manufacturing. Avoid maintaining unused computing capacity, which can be costly. Quickly adopt emerging tech, run proofs of concept and lower TCO with common infrastructure and operations across private and public clouds—all without vendor lock in—with VMware Cloud solutions.

Build, Run and Manage Modern Manufacturing Applications

Build modern apps and deliver better software to production, continuously. VMware Cloud and container solutions provide multi-cloud infrastructure and modern app technologies that make it easier to ship software faster, simplify operations and change development and operations together.

Scale Manufacturing Capacity, Operations and Call Centers On Demand

Burst infrastructure and services capacity to adapt to changing demand. Deliver fast access to IT compute, services and apps to scale critical operations and supply chain activities with VMware Cloud solutions. Support virtual desktops and right-size provisioning without vendor lock in.

Simplify and Automate Manual Operations

Increase the security, reliability and efficiency of your environment with VMware management and network solutions. Leverage common infrastructure and operations for seamless interoperability of manufacturing IT. 


Market Leaders Trust VMware

Detmold Group Connects Operations with VMware

Global packaging business Detmold Group migrated Salesforce, Office 365, payroll systems and more in the cloud with VMware solutions.

More Manufacturing Solutions

Empower Employees, Contractors and Suppliers

Boost productivity by enabling secure collaboration between employees and suppliers through access to data and apps—even graphic-intensive 3D modeling—anytime on any device. Digital workspace, mobile and edge technologies from VMware empower teams working beyond the factory floor.

Protect Assets and Streamline Compliance

Secure your enterprise from the inside out. Focus on safeguarding designs and data. Meet ever-changing regulation requirements to further mitigate risk. Intrinsic security, zero-trust services and endpoint protection from VMware help you detect, defend against and respond to increasing threats.

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