VMware Contexa: Cloud-Delivered Threat Intelligence

VMware Contexa™ sees what others don’t—from the user, the device, the network, the runtime to the data—powering VMware Security to stop threats others can’t.

The Strongest Defense for Your Multi-Cloud Traffic

The real damage of a breach happens when attacks can move laterally in your network making East-West the new battleground. NSX Firewall enables you to secure against threats with a modern distributed architecture that’s easy to operationalize and scales across your multi-cloud environments.

No Blind Spots

Get complete network security coverage across all traffic flows and workload types with the Industry's only layer-7 distributed firewall and a software-only gateway firewall.

Operational Simplicity

Simplify security operations with software-only firewalls that present an API-driven object-based policy model. Automate policy creation and deployment.

Consistent Security

Achieve consistent firewall policies across all cloud environments and workload types. Regardless of where your workload lives or moves, your workloads will maintain their security policies.

Zero Trust with Better Security

Operationalize Zero Trust architecture in your infrastructure across multi-cloud with a modern software-based approach that’s easy to operationalize and scale.

NSX Firewall Network Security Products

The NSX Firewall portfolio provides network security coverage across the private and public cloud, including physical, virtual, and containerized workloads.

NSX Distributed Firewall

Layer 7 internal firewall to secure east-west traffic, north-south traffic, and cloud-to-cloud connectivity

Network Traffic Analysis

Detect anomalous activity and malicious behavior as it moves laterally across your network

NSX Distributed IDS/IPS

Signature and behavior-based detection of ransomware and other threats at every hop

NSX Gateway Firewall

A Layer 7 firewall designed to protect physical servers and zone/cloud edge

NSX Sandbox

Complete malware analysis

NSX Network Detection & Response

AI-powered correlation of events across multiple detection engines

Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Transformation

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